Pomade For Hair Grooming

Compliments, lots of it, are what you will get when you start grooming your hair you must be prepared to have an astounded look when you mention that you are using hair pomade. Confidence is what have a good look gives me. I feel so embarrassed at first because I don’t get compliments from people around me very often. It’s like a steam from my face is coming out, which makes me blush and all smiles, the type of smile from ear to ear. You know the feeling of happiness when you can’t even hide the fact that you’re smiling.

The confidence can give you a lot of advantage in life because you become adventurous. You try things just to learn from it. Like what I did a couple of days ago, I was in Starbucks, feeling the confidence inside me, I asked the barista if she can give me a discount. She asked me why, and I just said because the weather is beautiful, you have a lovely smile. She blushed and gave me a discount. I asked her if she’s allowed to, and she said yes, and they typically give discounts to particular customers. See, due to my confidence I took a risk and reaped the reward. Feeling the confidence inside changes my overall stature, I stand tall, stomach in and chest out. Yes, just like what your drill sergeant keeps on telling you during your reserve military training days.


Most of us associate the use of pomades with Old Men, your grandfather’s hairstyling product, in particular. Unlike today, you can have different types of hair products that can help you craft a hairstyle that you like. There’s a gel, wax, putty, etc. However, each of them has different uses, hold, shine and scent. However, a tin of petrolatum-based has something that those hair grooming kits that I’ve mentioned has been lacking, and that is you can recomb anytime when using it. No need to make your hair damp or reapply.

So what happened? Why did it go missing after it was introduced in mid-1920? I have a theory that it has something to do with the ingredients, particularly the smell. You see, modern hair pomades are made out of beeswax and petrolatum, unlike before where it was made out of bear fat. Yes, you read it right. Imagine how you would feel about having bear fat in your hair.

In the end, I realized that external factors can keep your confidence up high. Just keep grooming yourself.

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